Religious schools have behavioural problems too


A Muslim boy whose life was made a misery by racist bullies after the 11 September attacks is to sue his former school in the first case of its kind in Britain. Mashfiqul Alam, 16, claims he was beaten, slashed and called 'terrorist' and 'bin Laden'. His family believe the bullying by white pupils, who he says threatened him with a pellet gun and a blade at the Church of England secondary school, contributed to Mashfiqul's disappointing GCSE results. They are seeking damages against Christ Church School in Barnet, north London, because they claim it failed to protect him.

The Observer, 15/9/02

A bus company has banned pupils at Mary Immaculate High School, a Roman Catholic school in Ely, Cardiff from its vehicles because of bad behaviour. The local authority said that is trying to tackle the "serious behavioural problems". Director of the bus firm - Pontypridd-based Shamrock Travel, Clayton Jones, said the situation had got out of control. "In 10 days we have had six incidents on the three different services that go to that school." One of the buses has been fitted with a CCTV system to help identify individuals causing trouble.

BBC Regional News, 21/9/02