American creationists are considering whether to invest millions of pounds in British schools to promote their literal interpretation of the Bible as an alternative to evolution.

Sir Peter Vardy, a British creationist and multimillionaire car dealer, has just pledged 12 million to expand creationist teaching in Britain. Christian fundamentalists in the United States have been impressed by the ease with which his Vardy Foundation has advanced the teaching through its links with Emmanuel College in Gateshead, in which Sir Peter has invested 2 million.

Senior figures from the Institute for Creation Research, which is based in North Santee, California, will undertake a two-week fact-finding mission in southern England in September.

Larry Vardiman, who is leading the trip, said that he intended to investigate opportunities for funding schools in Britain. "Our mandate is not just in the US, it is international as well, so we would certainly be interested," he said. He added that the visit would also be used try to find out why Britain was so receptive to Darwin's theory of evolution.

[The Times, 18/3/02 - emphasis added]